The Groovevine - Wedding Band

Work with us personally to discuss how we make your special day flow and gel together beautifully with live music. Ask us about ideas for musical ensembles and combinations to suit you. Here are some of the possibilities:


We can offer solo and duo performers such as vocals and piano or acoustic guitar for the ceremony. Or you might want a classical string duos/trio/quartet to create a perfect musical setting. Consider also having a feature item performers during the signing of the register or at another point of your choosing.


We provide music for both pre-dinner (perhaps jazz and quieter styles) and during dinner. This includes specific songs of your choice for the Bridal Party entrance, Bridal dance, father/bride dance, bouquet toss and anything else you would like. We also can cater for Greek (bouzouki is available) and Jewish weddings (Hora). We are also happy to discuss and include other traditional music. The Groovevine will finish the night with high energy dance sets adjusted to your musical tastes ranging from disco, funk, dance and soul to Aussie Rock and old style rock n roll. Let the party roll on!

Sound Equipment

We provide a sound P/A which you are welcome to use for speeches. We discuss with you on the phone, via email or in person when and where you need live music as well as iPod playlists and possible DJ sets if you require this. We provide basic stage lighting; we can also arrange staging or additional lights if you require.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about any aspect of the music!

  • Catherine Cheney (mother of the bride)

    We have finally recovered from the wedding!

    Thank you and your group for providing such amazing, wonderful music for the occasion! Everyone enjoyed the music immensely. It was sophisticated yet accessible music for people to dance to and enjoy.